Arriving Port of Nordfjordeid by cruise

Arriving Nordfjordeid by cruise ship is an exciting experience! You will land right by the town center and have a breathtaking view of the village and the beautiful Eids valley between tall mountains. Here you can easily reach everything you need by foot, or hop on a tour to one of the attractions in the area.

This is Nordfjordeid!

Navigating Nordfjordeid by foot

Nordfjordeid is a village with just the right size to reach everything you need by foot. Whether you walk ashore via the Seawalk or arrive the pier by tender boat, you are already in the town center. With shops, cafés, attractions, parks and the wild nature before your feet. Sagastad is only a short walk (10-15 min) from the pier. We recommend to take the route via the old Eid street to experience the historic wood house architecture, niche shops, and a chance to see the Viking grave mounds. Take a look at our town map to get accuainted with the village:

Sagastad on cruise days

Sagastad will always be open on a cruise day! This means even when we are winter closed, we will open on the days there are cruise ships in Nordfjordeid. The opening hours on a cruiseday will be adjusted for each call. As a rule we will open 30 min after the cruise ship is due to arrive the port, and will be open for at least a few hours. Exact opening hours will be posted here.


The exhibition at Sagastad is in Norwegian, English and German (new in 2023!). In addition we have a free audioguide available in Spanish, French, Mandarin, English and German. You have to bring your own smart-phone to use the audioguide, we also recommend bringing your earplugs/headphones. The center has free WIFI so you don’t have to spend any data on your phone to use the app! You find the app here (will only work on smart-phones).

Welcome to Nordfjordeid!