VIP events

Sagastad offers highly flexible solutions for those who wish to have extra special events with us. We can offer arrangements for weddings, anniversaries, conferences and any other type of special event.

We offer modern facilities, with power outlets in the amphitheatre, high speed fiber internet that supports up to 350 simultaneous users, a cinema, and of course the Myklebustship, perhaps the  most exclusive event arena you can imagine.

For catering we can make any arrangement you wish, anything from a buffet to a grand three course meal in true viking style.

We have several great local partners for catering and accommodation. 

Contact us at for an offer!

Få en unik og magisk oppleving. Rammene i Sagastad gir uforglemmelige minner

Explore the Viking Saga


The Sagastad building is conveniently located in the centre of Eid, within short walking distance of hotels, shops and the burial mounds at the Myklebust farm. Our localities offer free parking right outside the building, and there is further capacity for parking at AMFI Nordfjord, with access to quick charge stations for electric vehicles.   

If you are getting married the building is a quick walk from the church, and the Operahouse. For children the Sagapark is perfect for swimming and other activities. 

The Sagastad building follows the universal design philosophy granting guests in wheelchairs access to the entire facility, with the exception of the Myklebustship itself. We offer unisex toilets, and a handicap toilet. WIFI is accessible for free in the entire building for all guests.


Sagastad offers a Amphitheatre with a total capacity of 50 people. The capacity can be expanded with chairs and tables if required for larger events. The arena is also used as stairs for boarding the Myklebustship, with a ramp to allow wheelchair access.

The Amphitheatre is pefect for presentations, and can also be used for concerts. Each bench has 2 charging outlets, Ethernet and USB charging support for phones and laptops.

We offer projector support for presentations, along with our in house grand piano.

The Myklebustship

The Myklebustship is without doubt one of the must exclusive event locations you can imagine. Here you can enjoy a wedding dinner, confirmation , or any other grave event.

The ship can also be used for concerts, the unique acoustic properties of the Sagastad building offer an experience similar to a cathedral.  

For dinners on the ship we have a total capacity of up to 40 people. Total capacity for regular guiding is 60 people.

If you wish to have an extra exclusive experience it is possible to book the ship for rowing on the fjord, this however must be booked at least 6 months prior to the planned event. Read more about the Myklebustship here.


Sagastad has its own cafe, close to our souvenir shop, we have a total capacity of 60 people, with flexible arrangement solutions perfect for group work during a conference, casual conversations, buffets or for example a lounge during larger meetings .

We offer solutions for projectors and whiteboards if you wish to use the area for presentations.

For concerts where the Myklebustship is used as a stage, the cafe can be used for audiences, we will with such arrangements be able to expand the capacity up to 150 people by using the exhibition space.


Sagastad offers a cinema that is used to present the movie “The burned ship” in our exhibition. For events this can be used for presentations among smaller groups up to 30 people. The cinama is more isolated from the rest of the exibition, making it great for parallel sessions at conferences or viewings of private movies / presentations.

Technical overview

Contact us at if you have any questions, or require further information.