Company card

Give your business associates that little bit extra when they come to Nordfjordeid, and take them with you to our black gem, Sagastad. Show them what the people here have achieved. Both now and 1200 years ago, the people of Nordfjordeid have achieved a lot that is completely out of the ordinary.

Five men from a local business visiting Sagastad

The company card gives access to Sagastad, the Myklebust ship and the entire exhibition during ordinary opening hours. The times can be found here.

The card also gives a 30% discount when ordering Sagalunch, which includes fresh sandwiches from the Mini-bakery, coffee, tea and ice water served in the café at Sagastad.

Terms of use:
The card is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase
Employees can bring their business associates
Employees can bring their immediate family (life partner, children, grandchildren)
The employee who uses the card must register the visit by name + company on arrival and must have the card with them physically.
Sagastad needs a notice in advance if the company are planning to visit with larger groups (10+)
To order a business card, you can write to us at