Sagastad has acoustics in line with large cathedrals, a sound that gives unimaginable possibilities. Together with the insanely beautiful scenery that consists of the huge Myklebust ship and mirror effects in the room, this is a completely unique sensory experience.

The center accommodates about 200 guests in the audience, but when the applause breaks loose, it sounds like there are three times as many. It is a grateful venue to play in at the same time as it also has its challenges technically. When the sound is well arranged and adapted to this special building, the atmosphere becomes completely extra-terrestrial!

A microphone in front of the Myklebust ship
A man playing the saxophone

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If you are going to have a party at Sagastad, a mini concert with a couple of songs gives the little extra to the event. Feel free to ask us for tips for artists.

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Einar Selvik singing and playing in the Myklebust ship.
Photo: Jørn Løset