If you are looking for a unique venue for your event, Sagastad is a fantastic choice. We focus on local good ingredients, and if you are lucky, it is the chef himself who has shot the deer.

We can serve dinner for up to 60 guests and offer a menu especially with the Viking Age in mind. How about a long table with Viking tapas made from ingredients that the Vikings also used in their feasts?


Feel free to start the evening with a tour of the center for a historical buzz about the event. We can serve an aperitif in the ship, and guests are seated in the cafe next to the ship for the meal. The center has microphones and equipment for showing pictures or presentations. Feel free to ask us for suggestions for artists who can be booked for entertainment.

A table set for dinner in front of the viking ship.

Guests have access to the exhibition and the ship during the entire visit. We ask that food and drink should not be brought into the exhibition.


If you want to order Sagastad for your event, we advise you to order early. Events are mainly hosted outside the center’s daily opening hours, and there may be some limitations during the different seasons. Rent must be expected in addition to the price for food and service.


Sagastad has a liquor license, all beverages must be ordered through us. You can not bring your own beverages.


For a place to celebrate in the small hours after dinner, we would recommend a short walk through the Saga Park over to Magnifikk.