Sagastad is a modern center that is designed and operated with the future in mind. Focus on renewable energy and short-haul materials is central.

Drone shot of Sagastad
Photo: Øystein Torheim

If you look at Sagastad from above, you will notice long rows of solar panels that supply the center with energy. In addition, the center is supplied with heat from the fjord through the Fjord Heating System. This means that a large part of the electricity comes from renewable sources, and in the summer months more electricity is produced by these systems than the center can use.

In the context of sustainability, the Myklebus ship is a short-haul ship. Most of the materials come from Bjørkedalen in our neighboring municipality Volda. The materials have been sourced by the boat builders from their own forest, and the boat builders are also local.

Woodcarver Rolf Taraldset also comes from Volda municipality (formerly Hornindal) and has carved the head and tail of the ship at home in his workshop.

In order to take good care of the ship, the building has installed ventilation systems with humidifiers so that the ship will have optimal humidity at all times. In this way the ship does not dry too much and one avoids the ship taking in too much water when it is launched. In the future, we hope that the ship will be able to travel with wind power in its sail.