The gift shop

A memory, a gift, or just a great product for decoration or use. The museum shop at Sagastad has something for every taste and is constantly evolving.

The store has the main focus on the Viking theme and Sagastad’s own products, but also has handcrafted local product, exquisite jewellery, interesting books and the typical souvenirs.

A family playing the game Hnefatafl.
Photo: Ulf Rugumayo Amundsen

Some of our favourites

  • Hnefatafl (Viking chess)
  • Viking sword and helmet for the children
  • Ship chest built by boat builder Jakob Helset, who made all the chests for the Myklebust ship.
  • Our own King of the Fjords sweets made by Dropsfabrikken.
  • Our unique Sagastad Vikingjewelry
  • Several of our Viking books
  • Cutting board made of pine cuttings from the gangways on the ship.
  • Rune jewellery in bone is one of our bestsellers!
  • Sagastad tealight holder with the Myklebust ship.
  • Drinking horns