As a knowledgecenter it is important for Sagastad to offer knowledge about the viking era and other relevant information. Our goal is to offer a wide verity of interesting lectures, courses and other events throughout the year.

A family with children listening to the stories about the Norse Gods.

The exhibition at Sagastad has been developed in close cooperation with the University of Bergen and the Medieval Research Cluster. Thus the content of the exhibition adhere to a high quality standard. One of our goals is to ensure that a visit to Sagastad invites you to be inquisitive and seek out new knowledge.

Consequently we strive to create events that strengthen the tie between Sagastad, the universities, the scientific community and others who can contribute with knowledge and craftmanship. Our vision is a symbiotic relationship where we can cooperate to enable a positive learning environment that inspires and evolves these areas.

The academic events can be held by anyone, from local individuals with special knowledge and interests to credited and known individuals within the scientific community. Perhaps you wish to learn more about the mythology and rituals of the vikings? How they made their clothes or how they lived day to day? If there is a specific topic you are interested in feel free to contact us!

Planned events can be found on our Facebook page and on the news section of our website. We recommend that you follow us on Facebook to stay updated.