In the area

In the middle of Stad, you get a taste of the urban life in the rural town of Nordfjordeid. Not to big, not too small. Big enough to offer what you need. Small enough to give the feeling of having it to yourself.

Selja Monastery by night
Photo: Ulf Rugumayo Amundsen

Here we have gathered some information about Nordfjordeid and the surrounding area which can be helpful to read before you come to the village. More information can be found at and at

The picturesque Eidsgata (the old street) has long traditions as a shopping street. Today you will find niche shops and cafes there. The street is in the National Heritage Board’s register of towns with national value, and the locals are proud of and take care of the houses in the street. A walk in the street takes you back to ancient times; The houses in the oldest part of the street are from the latter part of the 19th century and the early 20th century. You will also find the burial mounds from Viking times near Eidsgata.

By the fjord you will find the modern shopping center ALTI Nordfjord where you can buy everything from food, equipment, clothing, perfumery, pharmacy and liquor store. There is also a popular cafe with panoramic views out to the fjord.

A place to stay
Nordfjordeid is an excellent place to stay when you are on a trip in Nordfjord. Here you have everything you need while you have access to the eldorado of experiences in the region within one hour’s drive.

We can recommend Nordfjord Hotell which is close to the center of Nordfjordeid. The hotel offers well-equipped guest rooms, has a restaurant with a good kitchen, a bar, a modern meeting room and a bathhouse with SPA and fitness center. For more information see:

Other good places to stay in Nordfjordeid are Sentrum Hotell, Skipenes Gard (farmhouse), Orheimstunet (farmhouse), Alsaker hytteutleige (cabins), Smørdal hytteutleige og camping (cabins and camping), Nesjartun camping, Årskogvika camping and several great alternatives on

If you are looking to stay a little outside Nordfjordeid, we would recommend the historic Gloppen Hotell in Sandane, the new and beautiful hotel by the sea, Stad Hotell, Tre top huts in Gloppen, luxury at Alexandra in Loen or Raftevold Hotell in Hornindal.

You will find may places to restore your energy levels, and have great taste experiences in Nordfjordeid and the surrounding towns. Popular places for coffee, ice cream or lunch are COCO, Didriks and Minibakeriet. Aske restaurant is known for both great street food and more classical dishes. China Restaurant Chen has both good food and good service. The nicest place for outdoor dining can be found by the fjord at Magnifikk. If you are going on a trip, we will suggest a trip to the West Cape for a taste of the wild Stadlandet.

Hamna activity and health has both gym, a climbing room for children and bouldering. Hamna is located in the marina, where you can also find parking spaces for motorhomes.

The fjord horse is one of the world’s oldest horse breeds and has its origins in the fjord landscape in western Norway. At Nordfjordeid it is quite common to meet fjord horses in the streets, and at the Norwegian Fjord Horse Center you can take part in activities together with this unique horse.

There are many marked hiking trails starting in the center of Nordfjordeid or the surrounding area. You can reach very beautiful mountain peaks / viewpoints such as Trollenyken, 898 meters above sea level. See for tour descriptions.

Cultural activities
Nordfjordeid has a varied cultural life with everything from rock festival to opera. The opera house has two large halls for cinema, theater and in October also very professional opera productions. You can find the program at The rock festival Malakoff attracts many thousands of people to Nordfjordeid in the summer, and plays annualy in July. More about the festival at

For art lovers, the gallery in Gamlebanken is a great place to visit in addition to Åse Huse’s own gallery in Heggjabygda. Learn about times gone by at Sagastad, the old carpenter school in Holmøyane and by walking the Saga trail through the city center. Follow Sagastad’s program to attend concerts, lectures, launches or other events at the center.

Swimming and park life
The Saga park, which is located close to Alti Nordfjord, is a new park and swimming facility by the Eids fjord. It is nice to just sit and enjoy the view of the fjord, or use some of the features the park has to offer. Here are play and exercise equipment, sand volleyball court, barbecue hut and other activities, and a universally designed beach. Public toilets are availeable by the park.

The Viking park is located close to the burial mound at Myklebust where the burned Myklebust ship was found in 1874. Slightly secluded between Eidsgata and Lotevegen, this is a place to rest and to enjoy the view of the burial mounds Rundehogjen and Skjoratippen. You pass this park if you walk the Saga-trail.
The climbing park is located by the church. This is the place for both big and small children. It is wonderful to sit here while the kids enjoy themselves in the climbing tower.

Just by the bus stop is Maurstadparken. This park is named after actor Alfred Maurstad, who also got a beautiful statue of himself there. The statue shows Maurstad as Peer Gynt and is made by Arnold Haukeland.

The largest park in the center is the old training ground for the military. If you go south from Almenningen along Osvegen, you come to Plassen. Here you can feel the historical buzz between the trees, the old houses and the monuments with memorials to those who fell in the world wars. Along the river is Jektehola with a path along the Eids river. Here you will find barbecues that you can use, and it is also nice for the kids to splash in the water or watch the ducks.

Badstuplassen is a park with a play area in the middle of Eidsgata. Located close to Kulturhuset Gamlebanken. There is also a public toilet here.

Day trips
Nordfjordeid is a perfect starting point for trips in Nordfjord and Sunnmøre. Placed between the sea in the west and the Jostedalsbreen glacier to the east. Well-known destinations such as Loen, Geiranger, Ålesund and West cape are all within a suitable distance for day trips.

Loen is a popular destination with its turquoise glacial lake and glistening white mountain peaks. Here you can take the Loen Skylift 1000 meters up over the fjord below to the restaurant on the mountain top, Hoven. The daring can try their hand at via Ferrata, and families enjoy paddling on Lovatnet lake or a trip to one of the glacier tounges from Jostedalsbreen. It is also a short way from Loen to the fabulous hiking valley, Oldedalen, and the famous glacier in Briksdalen.

The world heritage city of Geiranger has many fascinating aspects to it. The beautiful nature, exciting history of farms one can hardly believe could accommodate people, and a rich range of activities. Here you will find a bustling life in the summer, even though there are few permanent residents in the village. If you take the trip to Geiranger, you must make a stop at the incredibly charming chocolate shop, the fjord center, and one of the many trips on foot or by boat. We recommend taking the trip to Geiranger as a round trip from Nordfjordeid via Stryn, up Strynefjellet and down to Geiranger via fv63. Stop at the nice viewpoints on Dalsnibba and Flydalsjuvet. From Geiranger you can take a ferry to Hellesylt and drive the road via Hornindal back to Nordfjordeid.

Ålesund is perhaps the most beautiful city in Norway, and is beautifully situated on the coast of Sunnmøre with its special Jugend-style architecture. Here you can visit, for example, the Atlantic Park and look at a sea of ​​different animals that live in the Atlantic.

Norway’s westernmost point can be found on the Western Cape on the Stad peninsula. Here you can experience completely different nature than in the fjord, a nature that has been formed by the harsh weather conditions. Have a good meal at the restaurant at West cape or at Stad Hotell. Take a boat trip to the saga island of Selja to visit the monastery ruins and caves where St. Sunniva hid from barbaric Vikings, died and was made a saint.