Viking meals

If you are going to eat at Sagastad, you get to eat like a Viking! Together with our suppliers, we have developed our own menu for a special meal in beautiful surroundings.

A beautifully decorated table with apples and berries.

A Viking meal in Sagastad focuses on ingredients that one had in Viking times. With the Myklebust ship as a “backdrop” and the history of the Viking king and his ship as an aperitif, you are invited on a taste journey back to the Viking age.


Odin’s Vikingtapas contain a wide range of ingredients and flavors and a different experience is guaranteed.


You can also choose Tor’s meat soup or the Valkyries’ creamy fish soup. We can also tempt with Audbjørn’s deer stew, Vemund’s lamb shank or the dragon’s pork knuckle. The Vikings really liked sweets. We have queen Ingerid’s trolldessert, Idun’s home-made apple cake or dessert with berries a la Frøy.


Ingredients that are relevant are fish, lamb, deer, root vegetables, herbs, home-made flat bread, fruit, berries, milk, cream and much more.


Viking meals are available to book for parties and other events. We recommend planning such events well in advance. If it is desirable to have a liquor license, this must be ordered at least 5 weeks before the event. Expences will include rent must be in addition to the price for food and service.