The exhibition

A giant ship that has risen from the ashes, and with it a fantastic story of mysterious ritual, great journeys and a power struggle between kings. Experience history through an exciting exhibition with cinema, VR and interactive installations.

In addition to the 30-meter-long Myklebust ship, the knowledge center contains an exhibition with 16 stations and its own cinema room. Learn about life and death in the Viking Age and about the rich Viking history we have at Nordfjordeid.

A couple walking next to the ship, looking up at it.
Photo: Ulf Rugumayo Amundsen
People on board the ship inside the center.
Photo: Ulf Rugumayo Amundsen

Some of the highlights

  • Embark on the Myklebust ship
  • Put on the VR glasses and explore what Nordfjordeid may have looked like in Viking times
  • Watch “The Viking Burial” for 20 minutes in the cinema room
  • Test yourself as you learn about the Vikings’ travels on our huge interactive quiz screen
  • Learn Hnefatafl (Viking chess), runes and colour Viking ornaments
  • Hear what historians and archaeologists say about the finds at Nordfjordeid
  • Study findings in 3D on touch screens
  • See how the Myklebust ship was rebuilt
  • Get to know King Audbjørn of the Fjords
  • Learn about mysterious rituals and mythology


The content of the exhibition is rooted in research through collaboration with the University of Bergen, which ensures that all texts in the center are correct based on what we know today about the Viking Age.

Video in the cinema room
Photo: Ulf Rugumayo Amundsen
a child exploring the exhibition with his grandfather
Photo: Ulf Rugumayo Amundsen

A Story in three parts

Both children and adults have funat Sagastad.

Nordfjordeid in the Viking Age

A story of everyday life in the societies around Nordfjord in the Viking Age which binds together knowledge of culture and everyday life, the question of who could be buried in the Myklebust ship, the story of the last voyage of the ship and the death of the King.

A man looking at pictures and reading about the grave findings

The findings of Myklebust

A story of “the last voyage” that binds together the death of the King and the burial at Myklebust, the Vikings way of viewing the world, the world of the gods and cosmology. A story of the culture in this area and journey of the society that shows how it developed out of the chieftain society.

A couple next to the ship. The ship is towering over them.

The Myklebust Ship

A story of the ship and travels of the world which incorporates the handcraft tradition of ship building and ornamentation, trade and plundering, and the travels to the East, to the West and to the colonization of the North-Atlantic. A story of the traces of vast voyages and how we interpret and understand them in our time.

Test your skills as you lear about the vikings journeys on the quiz screen.
Photo: Ulf Rugumayo Amundsen
Two women enjoying a game of Hnefatafl.
Photo: Foto: Ulf Rugumayo Amundsen