Before the visit

Feel free to combine the visit with a walk in the Saga-park with its own beach right beside Sagastad, and a walk through the picturesque Eid-street to the gravemounds on Myklebust.

Photo: Ulf Rugumayo Amundsen


Sagastad has shared parking with the Saga-park, and you will find it strategically located between the center and the park. It is free to park in Nordfjordeid, and if the car park at Sagastad is full, you will find many alternatives within walking distance from the center. The car park at the center has three HC spaces.

Universal Design

Sagastad is easily accessible on the ground floor and has almost the entire exhibition at this level. We have HC toilet and HC parking. To reach the plateau which gives access to board the Myklebust ship, there are stairs and a ramp. We do not recommend driving the ramp in a wheelchair due to too steep an angle. Sagastad has ambitions to improve access to the ship in the future.

Recommended time consumption

We recommend that you set aside at least 1.5 hours for your visit to Sagastad. This is the average time our guests spend exploring the exhibition and watching the film in 20 minutes.


Sagastad has WIFI with good capacity throughout the building which is free for all our guests. You can get a code for the network inside the center.

Electric car charging

You will find a charging station for electric cars at the ALTI shopping center, right next to Sagastad.


Although Sagastad may be called a kind of boathouse, it is not necessary to dress warmly. The center holds 22 degrees Celsius and can often be experienced even warmer due to high humidity. In the summer, the louver on the building functions as good sun protection, and on hot days it usually feels cooling to enter Sagastad.

Babies and young children

There is a changing table in the HC toilet inside the center. Strollers can be taken into the center if desired. Parking of carriages at the entrance or other area in the center is at your own risk. We can help with heating food / milk in the microwave on request.


It is allowed to bring a service dog into Sagastad. The dog must be easily identifiable as a service dog and valid written proof must be presented to our staff.