Support us

The Sagastad foundation is responsible for dissemination of the Myklebust ship and Viking history on Nordfjordeid. The foundation has ambitions to carry out projects that can investigate and provide new knowledge, produce long-awaited literature related to the findings and in other ways disseminate knowledge.

Two female Vikings doing tablet weaving in the Myklebust ship.
Photo: Ulf Rugumayo Amundsen

You can support us with an amount corresponding to the value of a seam, nail, oar, shield or chest on/in the Myklebust ship. You will receive a certificate which shows that you have supported Sagastad with equipment for the ship. Shields, chests and oars are numbered so that you can choose a number which holds a meaning to you, and they will be branded with your initials or name. The perfect and unique gift!

Contact us to give your support.

Shield NOK 10,000
Chest NOK 10,000
Oar NOK 5.000, –
Nail NOK 1.000, –
Seam NOK 300, –

You can also support the foundation’s work by volunteering in Sagastad. Send us an e-mail with your name and phone number to register as a volunteer.

Sagastad thanks everyone who has already supported us with their time, knowledge and gifts! They have been an invaluable part of the realization of the Myklebust ship and the Sagastad viking center.