Row the Myklebustship in May 2020!

Sagastad is proud to be celebrating the 1-year anniversary of the launching and christening of the Myklebustship. We will then again be launching the Myklebustship – the reconstruction of the largest Viking long ship ever discovered in Norway. The ship will sail the Eidsfjord in Nordfjordeid, the home of Sagastad, in a spectacular event that can not be missed.


The celebrations are already starting, we have now opened up the first tour for sale to the public. This tour will be May 1st starting at 12:00 from the dock in Nordfjordeid. During the tour you will both be able to row the ship and enjoy the experience as a passenger.

There will be limited spots for each tour, so you will need to be quick to secure your spot, the first tour will have 66 spots.

Companies and larger groups that wish to row the ship during this period must contact us at booking@sagastad.no to ensure availability.

Purchase tickets here!