Do you want to row the mighty Myklebustship?

Would you like to experience what it was like to row the great Viking ships one can read about in the Sagas? If yes, then take the trip to Nordfjordeid this spring. The 100ft long Myklebust Viking ship will be launched on to the fjord the last weekend in April, and you can now secure your place in the crew. If you wish to take part in this historic event and support Sagastad, fill out this contract and sent it to aurora@sagastad.no

The rowingkit includes;

-Certificate stating you have supported theese fittings for the Myklebust ship; shield, oar, chest and rivet.
-A place by the oars for the first official trip on the fjord with the Myklebust ship April 28th 2019*

*May be subject to change depending on weather conditions.

If you already have supported a shield, chest, oar or rivet you can fill up your rowing kit with the missing items. Please note which item and number you already donated towards when contacting us.