Temporarily closed

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In solidarity with all those who may become seriously ill as a result of the current COVID-19 outbreak Sagastad will close its doors until further notice. Sagastad will follow the measures, advice and information provided by the health authorities and closely monitor the situation. The safety of our guests is our top priority.

As a result our current Spring schedule will be effected;

March 19th – The Silya and the Sailors concert has been postponed. Please contact Nordic Live at post@nordiclive.no for information.

March 28th. The concert with Giske Blandakor has been postponed until further notice.

April 30th. The launching of the Myklebustship has been postponed until further notice. Those who have purchased tickets may use them during the next planned launch. We will announce further details forthcoming, once we have a better overview of the situation. For refunds please contact us at booking@sagastad.no

We will directly contact those of you that have ordered group visits or other event bookings.

Sagastad urges everyone to keep safe, and practice good hygiene, we apologies for any inconveniences that may occur to our guests and partners as a result of the amended schedule.


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