Sagastad is opening

Finally some good news

– the center is opening on the 30. of May

After strange weeks and months we are welcoming guests back to Sagastad.

The center presenting the gigantic Viking lonship, the Myklebust ship, has had a difficult period in it’s second year. All cruise bookings will probably be cancelled and COVID-19 measures are restricting the possibilities for opening the center. Large events like Malakoff rock festival have been cancelled and this summer only 200 pepole can be gathered in one place, thus with 1meter distance.

Nevertheless: the hotels and camping sites are opening. Loen Skylift is open. Norwegians are not allowed to travel to warmer countries like normal, and are “forced” to vacation in their own country.

The travel industry and Sagastad stand before a challenging, but also intriguing season.

Western Norway and the fjords are the winners when the market is international. Have our fellow countrymen picked up on this, and will they be visiting?

We are many who do what we can to broadcast our message. Collectively the product from Ålesund and the Jugend city, via Trollstigen, the Geiranger Fjord, Stryn, Loen og Briksdalen are amongst the best known destinations in Norway. Now we are adding to this list with Sagastad, the Fjord horse, Hornelen mountain, deer farms, Selje Monastery, Vestkapp, surfing, white sandy beaches, Hakalegarden visiting farm and the Stad peninsula. Here you can enjoy great experiences in a kayak, RIB boat or with a fishing rod. There is also mountains with excursions for families or the trained athlete on foot or on a bike. Activity providers like Nordfjord Aktiv have fantastic programs for you.

Maybe it’s time? That the Norwegians discover their own country? It might not be a crisis to be more in Norway at the best time of year.

Sagastad is taking infection control seriously, and have good measures for protection in place when the doors open 30. of May.
Sagastad is a unique product connected to an amazing history – about the viking King and his ship. We are standing strong while we invite Norway in.

For inspiration for more activities and attractions in Nordfjord, visit www.nordfjord.no