Sagastad and the Norwegian Fjord horse center in international TV-production

Filming at Sagastad with Kristoffer Hivju, Gry Mordvær Hivju, Marianne Hem Eriksen and Eli Førde Aarskog.
Filming at Sagastad with Kristoffer Hivju, Gry Mordvær Hivju, Marianne Hem Eriksen and Eli Førde Aarskog.

The series Ultimate Viking (w/t) will combine adventure and experiences with living history, and premieres on Smithsonian Channel in 2021. Sagastad and the Norwegian Fjord Horse Center will be featured in the documentary which will follow the series. Kristofer Hivju, who played Tormund Giantsbane in the HBO series Game of Thrones and award-winning factual presenter Gry Molvær Hivju are the hosts for the series. Filming has already commenced.

The contestants will be living like vikings through eight episodes, in a custom viking settlement to be constructed on the Norwegian coast.

Each episode will be rooted in history through close cooperation between the series creators and museums, archaeologists and experts in Norway and Great Britain.

The series will also include a one-hour accompanying documentary which will present more of the historical facts, sagalitterature and archaeology. Sagastad and the Norwegian Fjord Horse center will both be featured in the documentary, where the filming in Nordfordeid took place in october.

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Smithsonian channel is now accepting applicants for the series.

The Viking Destination

Eli Førde Aarskog at Sagastad and Magni Hjertenes Flyum at the Norwegian Fjord Horse center are happy to finally being able to talk about their involvement in the documentary that will accompany the series True Viking (w/t).

-This really places Nordfjordeid on the map as the Viking location, says Førde Aarskog. She has already marketed Nordfjordeid internationally as “The Vikng destination” for several years.   She believes there is a great interest for viking history, and Nordfjordeid has an amazing story to tell. The Norwegian Fjord horse is a natural part of this history.

Magni Hjertenes Flyum at the Norwegian Fjord Horse center has faith that the long-term effect of the series will be an increasing interest to experience both Sagastad and the Fjord horse.
-We are talking about a project with international distribution, which really will convey the story of the Fjord horse to the world.

Kristoffer Hivju on Høgspenten and Gry Moldvær Hivju on Sølvi on a trail together during filming at the Norwegian Fjord Horse center.

Experiences based om historical facts.

-We are very excited to host this living history adventure series set in our beautiful country Norway, says Gry Molvær Hivju and Kristofer Hivju, Co-Founders of Tindefilm. -We are proud to show the fjords, ocean and wild mountains that our ancestors saw. For us, this series is all about a genuine extreme experience based on Viking society, set deep in the heart of the land of the Vikings. It’s going to be exciting, ambitious and based on historical evidence.

It is th Smithsonian Channel which has greenlighted the production which is a co-production between Tindefilm, Wildflame Productions and Zig Zag Productions.

You can read more about the project here. 

Contact persons;

Sylvia Strand, producer, Tindefilm, sylvia@tindefilm.no,  +44 (0)7814474898

Eli Førde Aarskog, CEO, SAGASTAD, eli@sagastad.no, 415 00 215

Magni Hjertenes Flyum, CEO, The Norwegian Fjord horse center, 934 22 756