Oselie at Sagastad

Good news to all children and youngsters!


On the family day, 11th of May, during the opening weekend we have the pleasure to present a concert with Oselie. Oselie went right to the top at the 2017 Norwegian Junior Eurovision finals with the song “Verda vår” (“Our World”). The song has powerful lyrics about people fleeing war and encourages humans to be there for one another. Oselie have recently been touring the country with her own show. The 19th of October Oselie released a new song with the title “Hald mi Hand” (“Hold my Hand”). The song is a tribute to good friends. The last year has been an adventure for Oselie, and she is gradually becoming an experienced young artist.

To see Oselie perform you only need a regular ticket to Sagastad. Tickets will soon be for sale on our website, or you can buy tickets at the door. We offer discounted prices for families. More events on the program will follow, so stay tuned. Welcome to a fun and eventful day for the entire family!

See program for more information.