Opening day program

Friday May 10th – The opening of Sagastad and concert with Einar Selvik

On this day we are opening the senter for the audience for the first time. We are going to have the ribbon cutting at 10:00, and are open until 14:00. At night we open the doors again for a solo consert with Wardruna frontman Einar Selvik.
Einar is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and the man behind the world-famous Old Norse group Wardruna, that amongst other things has made the music to the hit TV-show «Vikings». Wardruna is a musical project that creates musical interpretations of Norwegian, Old Norse cultural and esoteric traditions. By using some of Scandinavia’s oldest instruments, language and poetic verse forms in a modern soundscape, Einar has managed to unite the academic world with popular culture and given a new voice to the old, but still relevant thoughts, tools and techniques from the past.

Einar takes us on a musical journey from Wardruna`s normally big soundscapes and in to a simpler, more direct form. Here the focus is centred around the voice, poetry and the old traditional instruments.

Kjell Braaten from vikingmusikk.no will also play in the exhibition prior to the consert. Kjell is a musician and composer, specializing in historic instruments, world music and soundscapes

10:00 – The doors open at Sagastad 
18:00 – The doors opens before the consert: Kjell Braaten plays in the exhibition
19:00 – The concert starts with Einar Selvik

Standing room
Limited amount of tickets

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Saturday May 11th – Family day

Bring your entire family to Sagastad and learn about the amazing Viking history of Nordfjordeid! Our exhibit will offer many exciting interactive stations that will convey a nerve-racking story from a time which has left visible traces in Nordfjordeid. We can also offer a concert with Oselie, and a performance about viking music especially targeting children with Kjell Braaten from vikingmusikk.no.  There will also be outdoor activities in the Saga park for both kids and adults.


13:00 Concert with Oselie.

Oselie went right to the top at the 2017 Norwegian Junior Eurovision finals with the song “Verda vår” (“Our World”). The song has powerful lyrics about people fleeing war and encourages humans to be there for one another. Oselie have recently been touring the country with her own show. The 19th of October Oselie released a new song with the title “Hald mi Hand” (“Hold my Hand”). The song is a tribute to good friends. The last year has been an adventure for Oselie, and she is gradually becoming an experienced young artist.

14:00 The performance “a musical journey back in time” with Kjell Braaten.

Kjell Braaten is a musician and composer, specialising in historical instruments, world music and soundscapes. He composes music that binds worlds together across time and place and creates universes where it would feel completely natural to meet both Eirik the Red, Ali Baba and the Miniotaur at the same place. This performance is especially targeted at children, but can also be a nice experience for adults.