Groups and event booking

Information for groups

Groups need to pre book their visits also within ordinary opening hours. To get the best price you should book at least 14 days before your planned visit.

Minimum amount for groups is 15 people.

For groups we offer a “Sagahost” guide, that will give you a guided tour of the center, offering in depth knowledge about the exhibition, and viking history at Nordfjordeid. A Sagahost booking must be arranged next to your order.

If you wish to host an event at Sagastad we offer arrangements for meetings, food and other social arrangements for companies and private occurrences. Please contact us on regarding this.

How long should we expect to visit?

To get the most out of your visit we recommend at least 1 to 1.5 hours. This will give you time to see the movie “The burnt ship” and enjoy the entire exhibition and Myklebustship.

Group booking

Fill out the below form to contact us regarding booking a group. The form is no binding, we will contact you with an offer once we have received your inquiry. If you have any questions contact us at, or call us during office hours at 578 62 200.