The concept of the exhibit

The goal of the exhibit in Sagastad is to leave traces and amaze our guests. The Center will use a mixture of texts, images, audio and visual installations to tell the story of the Myklebust ship, Nordfjordeid and the region.

The content of the exhibit is rooted in research through cooperation with the University of Bergen, which will ensure that all knowledge conveyed in the Center is correct.

The exhibits will be adapted to different types of visitors and have a varied content. It will be possible to experience the highlights in a short time frame, and the more exploring guest will have the possibility to dive deeper into different subjects. Interactive modules will invite to an active learning experience and will engage all age groups to explore the stories in the Center.

Varied conveying platforms will give both sensuous, challenging and spectacular experiences that will create excitement for both the busy guest and the exploring guest.

Station for interview with archaeologists and historians. Finished product will differ slightly from the illustration

Finished product will differ slightly from the illustration

A story in three parts

The story in Sagastad is divided in three parts which together create a journey of knowledge.

Nordfjordeid in the Viking Age

A story of everyday life in the societies around Nordfjord in the Viking Age which binds together knowledge of culture and everyday life, the question of who could be buried in the Myklebust ship, the story of the last voyage of the ship and the death of the King.

The findings of Myklebust

A story of “the last voyage” that binds together the death of the King and the burial at Myklebust, the Vikings way of viewing the world, the world of the gods and cosmology. A story of the culture in this area and journey of the society that shows how it developed out of the chieftain society.

The Myklebust Ship

A story of the ship and travels of the world which incorporates the handcraft tradition of ship building and ornamentation, trade and plundering, and the travels to the East, to the West and to the colonization of the North-Atlantic. A story of the traces of vast voyages and how we interpret and understand them in our time.

Industry leading exhibit design

The exhibit is developed in cooperation with Expology AS which is located in Oslo. Expology AS is an experience design company that focuses on making stories come alive through physical and digital experiences that excites. They are industry leading in exhibit design and have a varied team of architects, designers, technologists, storytellers and project leaders that work together to deliver development of communication strategies, architecture and design of exhibits and interactive design.

Expology AS have the expertise in transforming professional content to comprehensive experiences on physical arenas. The visualization expertise is tied to different types of storytelling technique, exhibit architecture, experience design, interaction design, graphic- and screen design, animation and video. The communication expertise is about pedagogy, dramaturgy, market communication and text. The expertise in technology stretches from building related infrastructure, hardware and media technology, to systematization and programming of user experience.

In Expology AS they work systematically in research of exhibit architecture, to measure the engagement of exhibits, and they are part of a research project supported by Forskingsrådets BIA program. In addition Expology has a vast network of different kinds of expertise in AV and scenography, VR, scenario modeling, film, object-sound and lighting design.

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