Concert with Einar Selvik from Wardruna

Join the magical atmosphere when Wardruna frontman Einar Selvik takes the stage with a solo performance the 10th of May at the opening of Sagastad. Einar is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and the man behind the world-famous Old Norse group Wardruna, that amongst other things has made the music to the hit TV-show «Vikings». Wardruna is a musical project that creates musical interpretations of Norwegian, Old Norse cultural and esoteric traditions. By using some of Scandinavia’s oldest instruments, language and poetic verse forms in a modern soundscape, Einar has managed to unite the academic world with popular culture and given a new voice to the old, but still relevant thoughts, tools and techniques from the past.

Einar takes us on a musical journey from Wardruna`s normally big soundscapes and in to a simpler, more direct form. Here the focus is centred around the voice, poetry and the old traditional instruments.