The Sagastad Foundation

The Myklebust findings and Sagastad is the West Norwegian answer to Oseberg

Sagastad will provide large synergies to existing businesses, both cultural and others, not only in Nordfjord, but also for the whole of Sogn og Fjordane and Møre and Romsdal. Sagastad will be the only center of its kind in western Norway. Sagastad will strengthen existing tourism businesses, and be an eagerly anticipated attraction which does not compete with any of the existing attractions in the region.

The purpose of Sagastad

Sagastad will establish and run a knowledge and experience center for the Viking Age based on the findings on the Myklebust farm in Nordfjordeid and the history behind. The Sagastad foundation will also see the history of the region in a greater perspective and tie it together.


Sagastad is a knowledge and presentation center for the Viking Age which is known for its exhibitions and communication abilities both nationally and internationally.

– Experiencing our heritage

Sagastad will have a message for the audience, and tell the story of the Viking Age by the fjords. It can be difficult to picture life in Nordfjord in the Middle Ages. There were huge dimensions regarding power, economy, luxury, poverty, trade and the way of living.

Sagastad will disseminate knowledge, trigger amazement, reflection and make an impression through entertainment and experiences. There has been made several large archaeological finds in Nordfjord from the Stone Age and until today. The Myklebust find from the younger Iron Age will however be the fundament for Sagastad, which through varied exhibitions, activities and stories will give us an insight into this interesting historical time era. Sagastad will be able to host information and exhibitions from other time eras and finds in Nordfjord, but the Viking Age in Nordfjord from about year 800-1100 AD will be the main focus in the center.

Sagastad will be a combined knowledge and experience center, and will be built by the fjord in the center of Nordfjordeid. The Myklebust ship is probably the largest Viking longship that has been found traces of in Norway, and will be a central part of the exhibition in Sagastad. The ship will be built in full scale, about 100 foot (30m) long and 21 foot (6,5m) wide. It will be possible to sail the ship on the fjord, but it will be exhibited as the main attraction in the Sagastad center most of the year.

Phone: 578 62 200

Stiftinga Sagastad
Sjøgata, 6770 Nordfjordeid
Org. no: 916 82 9515
Office time: 10 - 15

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