Building and plot

Sagastad will be built in the new Saga park in the center of Nordfjordeid, just off the shore of the beautiful Eids fjord. The plot is located just over 300 yards from the burial mounds by the Myklebust farm, where the Myklebust ship was found in the mound known as “Rundehågjen”.

Illustration: Nordwest3D

Sagastad will be an experience center of national scale. The center will remind us of the burial mounds at Myklebust as well as a regular boathouse or an overturned longboat through its shape. The building has a diameter of 41 yards, which is about the same size as the burial mound. The building will be about 3400 square feet.

The 100 ft long Myklebust ship will be the central element in the building. The circular room allows you to watch the ship both up close, and from a certain distance. It will also be a room with good zones for exhibitions, crafts, music, dancing and social gatherings.

Phone: 578 62 200

Stiftinga Sagastad
Sjøgata, 6770 Nordfjordeid
Org. no: 916 82 9515
Office time: 10 - 15

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